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Share your dreams with the world

Some of them will come true.

Why let everyone guess what you are dreaming about, if you could just share your wishes through our app and get what you want... exactly what you want.

Share links and registry lists are in the past


Your contact book is your friends list. Navigate through their wishlists and choose a perfect gift for them

"Too expensive" gifts don't exist no more


Why buy useless but affordable gifts? Now you can buy something really worthy for those who deserve it and share the cost with others. That could be even a yacht.

No cash back-no way back


With our App, users are getting gifts. Not cash for gifts, but ACTUAL gifts. So a daily life won't  drag you away from your dreams. If you were dreaming of an elephant... well... get ready- you'll need a room.


$13B dollars spent on unwanted gifts every year

And this is only during Christmas holidays. So the annual number is even higher. Worst part is that this number is growing. It's time to change that and turn waste into happiness and appreciation with Bestoh App.


Feel awkward when it's time to share your registry list?

Don't bother... All those who care about you already know what you need  from  our APP. And those who don't- well they just don't.


Can't choose between Ipad and Xbox for your kid's birthday?

Wrong... It's a dog... Definitely a dog. The bigger-the better. But you know this already from Bestoh. What you don't know is who will be walking this dog. 

Our handcrafted intuitive interface allows you to surf through your friends list. Feel free to help your loved ones reach their dreams by adding couple bucks to their dream or add your own  dream and let the magic begin.

Want to take all the fame and buy the gift all by yourself?

Very generous of you. You can commit to buy the gift right in the app.  Quick and easy. Dont forget to click the button below.

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We love what we do and we think that Bestoh is way more then just another App. Some day it could really make our world a little better and happier. See us in person to know exactly how.

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